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It has never been more challenging to deliver high quality services as in today’s world with ever-increasing complexity. Joiin is an independent organization that will help both customers and service providers to align and collaborate. We’re making sure that all can contribute to, and benefit from their contractual agreements. Our company is striving for seamless co-operation between all organizations in a complex eco-system. This includes both internal and external service providers. In the end, this is the key to providing the best possible services to the end-users.

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Working for a service provider, you’re forced to meet the contractual agreements with your customers. You’re continuously balancing between the internal goals of your organization and the high demands of your customer. Adding to the complexity, are the dependencies you have with other service providers which often also are competitors.

Joiin can help you to align with your customers and their other service providers, making sure that your organization can be successful and profitable while contributing to the success of your customer as well. This will result in a long-term partnership with your customers which in the end is the best approach to a successful business.

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Dealing with multiple service providers can be demanding and time-consuming. You’ll often find yourself stuck in the middle when your providers are simply sticking to what’s in the contract and are slow and unwilling to support you if something happens that was unforeseen. Not to mention when you need your service providers to co-operate to complete a simple task or project.

Joiin can help you to align with all of your service providers and to create an eco-system in which the focus is on creating value for the end-user in a cost-efficient manner.

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As an end-user of IT services, the only thing you really care about is simply being able to perform your work in an efficient and effective way. And if something breaks, that you’ll be helped. Your IT department might not always be in full control of all of its service providers, which can result in poor quality of services and service interruptions.

Joiin can support your organization, making sure that the focus of both your internal IT department and its service providers is to deliver value to you: the end-user.

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Jelte Andries

We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other.

Jelte Andries, joiin

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Joiin is here to help you to bridge the gap between your requested services and the received services from your internal and external providers. Our services make your road to SIAM (Service Integration And Management) successful. Whatever your current state and strategy is, we can help you.

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