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Joiin aims to connect both customer and service providers in a multi-sourcing environment in the best possible way. Allowing all parties to contribute and benefit from their engaged partnerships with a great end user experience as a result.

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About Joiin: Who we are

The founders of Joiin all have years or even decades of experience within the field of IT Service Management. This has led to an extensive knowledge of the ITSM and SIAM marketplace and an elaborate network of relevant contacts in key positions within relevant prospective organizations.

About Joiin
Jelte Andries

Jelte Andries

Managing Partner

Why Joiin? Because Joiin makes the difference! Creating awesome customer experience by bridging the excellence of service providers to the continuous need for change of the customers. This makes me happy. I’m so excited to be able to contribute to the Joiin Family. It’s a dream coming true.

Jordy Mertens

Managing Partner

Today, more and more organizations are outsourcing IT service to multiple service providers. Together with Joinn I will support these organization in realizing the full potential of outsourcing and never compromising on the level of service they offer to their customers. For me, great end user experience is of utmost importance, to be achieved by seamlessly aligning and integrating E2E processes and tools.

Joost van Iersel

Managing Partner

Working in the field of IT Service Management for two decades, I’ve seen the way that IT services are being provided has shifted from simple internal IT to extremely complex multi-sourcing environments. The relevance of the idea behind outsourcing has increased ever since it was introduced. But at the same time, we’ve seen that too many organizations aren’t really benefitting from the contracts that they agreed upon.
With Joiin, I want to help organizations to maximize the value they can get from multi-sourcing. Making the way that services are provided more agile, cost-efficient and of a higher quality. I strongly believe that the solution can be found in co-operation; both on the personal level as on the technical level.

Danny Van Vosselen

Managing Partner

Joiin arose from the idea that many companies want to remove some of their IT related pain-points by outsourcing parts of, or even the entire IT landscape, while services delivered by a variety of service providers just creates other pain-points.
These collaboration issues often prevent the ultimate goal of a solid, business-oriented IT support from being achieved.
Joiin, based on our experience in service management and the guidance provided by the methodology Service Integration and Management, can help these companies to realize the real value that outsourcing should bring.

My personal contribution to the Joiin story is my passion for Service Management and the many years of experience in both large and small environments that help me empathize with the issues that multiple outsourcing partners can bring.

About Joiin: Our values

Our core values create the frameworks within which we carry out our work. These values help us to make the right call in everything we do, and everything which concerns our clients, partners and colleagues. They indicate what type of company we are. Therefor our key values are:

About Joiin


We’re acting with integrity and keeping commitments. We listen with respect and full attention to all stakeholders and protect their individual interests.


Joiin is an independent service integrator that takes full responsibility for his actions. Our goal is to ensure the interest of all parties involved.


Cooperation is the fuel that allows us to attain outstanding results. The way a team plays as a whole determines its success.


We bring the operating model, the tools and the people. We’re committed to our decisions, but we stay flexible in our approach.