Update your knowledge

In rapidly evolving and sometimes even disruptive times, methodologies, frameworks and best practices can provide welcome guidance. These guidelines can create a common language and improve communication within and between teams. Good communication is crucial for building trust, establishing good relationships and improving teamwork. At Joiin we believe that improving knowledge and skills can significantly contribute to this.

SIAM Foundation training

For businesses that use or wish to use multiple suppliers to deliver integrated services we highly recommend to expand their knowledge with Service Integration And Management (SIAM). The primary focus of SIAM is on providing the necessary consistent governance, assurance, and management of these multiple suppliers and services. It includes approaches for supplier co-ordination, integration, collaboration, interoperability and delivery. The aim is to create an environment where all parties know their role, responsibilities, context and are empowered to deliver – and are then also held accountable for the outcomes.

Just like with ITIL, your SIAM journey starts with a foundation training. For this SIAM Foundation training we team up with 2Grips. As an accredited training organization for SIAM by Exin, they’re providing both classroom and online training courses. Check their training calendar for updated information, dates and locations.

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