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Our services within the field of SIAM (Service Integration and Management) are relevant for both customers and service providers of IT Services. They offer value during all stages of the sourcing lifecycle, starting with strategy and design, the on-boarding of suppliers and including the operational phase of a contract. Joiin is able to advise and coach your organization, and can even perform operational tasks as a service.

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Our services to successfull outsourcing

Our services for successful outsourcing

To be able to successfully outsource towards your multiple service providers some basic principles must be achieved:

Align the strategy

All involved parties must have one common strategy to supply the services that you want.
Aligning this strategy is not an easy task and should start from the definition of the requested service catalogue to be able to define the operating model that is needed to support these services in a multi service provider environment.

Work on the partnership

A successful multi service provider oriented operating model is very dependent on the cooperation and involvement of the different parties.
This is not something you can impose but requires a specific mindset at all levels. Understanding the capabilities and responsibilities of each party is crucial.

Joiin can help you with defining the strategy, the operating model and coach all involved parties on how to collaborate.

When you engage with a new (managed) service provider there are certain aspects of the onboarding that needs specific attention to make sure that your organization will benefit from the services delivered by the new service provider.

Those aspects need to be taken into account during the different steps of the onboarding process, and contain among others:

Assessment (Due Diligence)

The goal of this step is to provide full knowledge to the service provider about your needs. This is done via an in-depth assessment of your capabilities to be able to define the service details, risks, pain points, opportunities and inefficiencies. During this step the service provider will also gain understanding of your assets and business processes to align their delivered services to your needs

Planning (Transition)

During this step a handover roadmap towards the new service provider is established. Within this roadmap collaboration and communication is a very important element. Next to that, the human factor may not be forgotten. A transition towards a new situation must always be guided taken into account attitude, behavior and culture. Also all involved parties need to keep in mind the budget and current capacity but also possible industry standards which can enable growth.

Joiin can help you with all steps of the onboarding process, from start to finish.

Equally important as onboarding in the service provider lifecycle is offboarding. Closing out a service provider contract should ensure that all conditions with regards to termination, documentation, equipment, access, payment and so on are met. This to avoid compliance breaches, data breaches, loss of equipment, and unclear responsibilities. A friendly transition with mutual respect is key to success!

Joiin can help you with your offboarding workflows, ensuring nothing is missed, risk is minimized, and compliance is achieved.

Once in operation with multiple service providers the collaboration and process based operating model comes into action. During this “Run & Improve” stage of the lifecycle the actual value of the services must be achieved. It is in this stage where we will manage the day to day service delivery and continual improvement activities.

Some of the most important activities during operations are:

• Operational service management

This activity is the execution of the agreed operation model which is mostly based on ITIL processes.
During operational service management the governance structures, performance management and ongoing change management are realized.

• Multi-supplier coordination

This activity is very important to make sure that all agreed processes are executed correctly across the multiple service providers. This includes also a focus on impact on services of one service provider to services of another service provider.

Joiin can help you orchestrate and execute your service management layer in achieving excellence in daily operations, achieved performance of your service providers against agreed service levels.

We advise

Based on our experience and expert knowledge of the subject, we will advise you on how to overcome your challenges within multi-sourcing.

We coach

Our coaching services are aimed to guide your employees and to unlock their full potential as actors in a multi-sourcing environment.

We execute

However, we can also carry it out for you so that you are completely relieved of the daily worries in your multi-sourcing environment.

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We’re ready to lead you into the future of successfull outsourcing.

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