Did you hear about Service Integration And Management?

What is SIAM?

The official definition states:

Service Integration and Management is a management methodology

  • that can be applied in an environment that includes services sourced from a number of providers and
  • that provides governance, management, integration, assurance and coordination
  • to ensure that the customer organization gets maximum value from its service providers
SIAM model

SIAM introduces the concept of “Service Integrator”, which is a single, logical entity held accountable for the end to end delivery of services and the business value that the customer receives.

The SIAM ecosystem includes the following layers:

  • Customer Organization
  • Service Integrator
  • Service Providers (internal and/or external)

A SIAM implementation has four main stages:

  • Discovery and Strategy
  • Plan and Build
  • Implement
  • Run and Improve
SIAM stages

Adopting SIAM creates an environment where all parties:

  • Know their role, responsibilities and the context in which they operate
  • Are empowered to deliver
  • Are held accountable for the outcomes they are required to deliver.

The purpose is:

  • to obtain the benefits of multi-sourcing of services with the simplicity of single sourcing
  • to minimize the risks inherent in multi-sourced approaches
  • masking the supply chain complexity from the consumers of the services
  • allowing a customer organization to focus on their business, rather than focusing on service providers and technology
  • enabling the flexibility and innovation to support the pace of change demanded by organizations

Some organizational cultures are more able to adapt to SIAM than others. Effective SIAM requires control to be balanced with trust, devolution of responsibilities, openness, and collaboration across all parties. A transition to SIAM is likely to require significant changes in attitude, behavior, and culture in ecosystems that previously relied on command and control structures for effective service delivery.


In most cases, transitions to SIAM will take place in an environment that already uses some IT service management processes or elements based on ITIL4. SIAM doesn’t replace ITIL; it builds on service management elements and extends them across the ecosystem where they are relevant to the SIAM model. This might include service management processes, or ITIL4 concepts, such as the Service Value System, dimensions, practices and techniques. SIAM adapts them to work effectively in a multi-service provider environment.

The Second SIAM Foundation Body of Knowledge

Do you want to know more about SIAM how it’s implemented? The full SIAM Foundation Body of Knowledge is available as free download from the Scopism website.

SIAM Foundation Body of knowledge 2

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