Joiin us for a series of interactive workshops about outsourcing

This autumn Joiin organizes a series of engaging workshops within outsourcing. During this practical workshops we will discuss some typical pain points in outsourcing, both from the point of view of the customer and the service provider. Joiin an intimate group of peers & experts for a variety of interactive workshops. Joiin us for successful outsourcing.

2020, October 8

Onboarding a new service provider

A smooth onboarding process instils trust and confidence. It’s the most critical first step in building a strong foundation for a prosper long-term relationship. While there’s no “one size fits all” onboarding process, we will share some best-practices for managing this complex process, from understanding customers’ business needs to a seamless co-operation. Both service providers and customers are welcome to share their thoughts and experiences.

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2020, November 12

How to create a ‘one-team’ culture across all service providers?

Research has shown that it is not the contract itself, but the personal relationships that determine the success or failure of an outsourcing project. In other words, even if everything is fully specified in the contract, if people don’t cooperate as one team, nobody will benefit from the contractual agreements. In this workshop we’ll provide insights in the process of creating a ‘one-team’ culture. We will share our knowledge and the lessons we learned with you.

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2020, December 10

Aligning your outsourcing contracts towards service integration

Talking about outsourcing is also talking about contracts and service level agreements with service providers.
A big challenge in making service providers collaborate towards end-to-end services is to make sure your contracts are aligned with your needs concerning service integration.
Are you questioning what you should foresee in existing or future contracts then Joiin us during this workshop, we answer the most common questions so you can prepare yourself.

Online session in Dutch

  • 10am – 12pm

Online session in French

  • 3pm – 5pm

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